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Our Services

There may be many reasons why you are looking at care options. You may be looking for a friend, family member or yourself. You may find that a little support is needed with those tasks that are becoming more difficult, or because of restricted mobility through an accident or illness. It may be that your needs aren't just for personal care, you may need a companion and a housekeeper too.

Care 4 MeYour needs may be short term, convalescent, respite or holiday care for example or more longer term.
Care 4 Me is a service provided primarily for the elderly, frail and people who are chronically sick or those with a physical disability. The service allows you or your loved one to have the same specialist care in your home as you would in a residential home.

We are able to care for those suffering from short-term memory loss or with physical problems that have difficulty getting around.
We can also care for younger members of the community who may have special care needs. This depends upon the nature of their needs and on the abilities of the care workers available.

Care 4 Me is also able to provide support to your present carer, who may be a member of your family, to enable them to have a short break or holiday. Care 4 Me

Care 4 Me offer you other options which will allow you to remain in your own home and for as long as you desire.

Live in Care removes the worry and responsibility of having to care for yourself, spouse or family. It provides the reassurance that everything is taken care of and there is always someone there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year.

We can provide Live in Care whereby a carer lives with you 24 hrs a day to take care of all your personal needs, household tasks, cooking and shopping etc.  Your independence is maintained at the level that you choose and desire and thus our Live in Carers will only do as you wish but are always there for you any time night or day. They also provide great companionship and company.

If you do not require live in care we also provide less intensive packages of Domiciliary Care. You can choose to receive care from us from as little as one hour a day up to twelve hours a day. We can provide Domiciliary Care should you require assistance with personal care, dressing, preparation of meals, household tasks, cleaning and shopping etc.

We also provide Night Care, to be on hand all night or just to stay in the property should help be required. Again we can advise on which service might suit you best.
Personal care
Your carer can provide you with a great deal of help with your personal care needs.
If you need help getting up in the morning, going to bed at night, washing, dressing and undressing, going to the bathroom or making your bed, he or she can help.
Help with Medication
Your carer can also assist you in taking your own medication, providing it has been prescribed for you by your GP.
This is of course subject to certain limitations.
Meal Preparation
Your carer can help you prepare your meals: breakfast, mid-day meal, evening meal or supper, as well as snacks and drinks you may need during the day or he or she can prepare them for you. If you would like your carer to keep you company whilst you eat you meal this can also be arranged.Care 4 Me
Domestic and Home help
If you need help with light domestic tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, house cleaning, washing up and personal laundry, again your carer can help you with this.
Personal affairs
Managing your personal affairs, such as birthdays and other anniversaries, collecting your pension and preparing shopping lists can be difficult but these matters can also be the responsibility of your carer, with your permission.
Sometimes pets can be very demanding, so feeding and exercising them can be difficult. If required your carer can also do this for you.
Other services
We can also provide the following services:-
Hospital appointment companionship
Accompanied holiday companions
Trips to local places of interest
Social Outings

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